La Muralla de Ávila

September 2019 —

“The walls of Ávila” were predominantly constructed during the 12th century, making them almost 1000 years old!!! How awesome is that?! Today they are the most well preserved in Spain and are open to visitors for exploration. This UNESCO World Heritage sight is a true work of art! 

Many times I had driven by and seen them from afar, but it wasn’t until I booked a day trip, that I got to see them in person! Ávila is an amazing city just an hour and a half northwest of Madrid by train. I was totally psyched to see them towering above me with mystical Spanish sun rays beaming up from behind. 

Fun Fact: You can only walk on part of the wall because there 
are several buildings and churches that form part of the physical wall itself.  


My Day

For my medieval field trip, I took a lovely daypack with my sun hat, some sandwiches, and a light jacket. Arriving around 10 a.m., I decided to grab a coffee before embarking on my quest to the old city through the narrow cobble streets. ‘Twas a perfectly cool morning that warmed up quickly and brightly without a cloud in the sky. After making my way to where the main entrance to the wall is, I immediately purchased a ticket. I should note that entrance tickets do not cost much at all, I believe it was about 7 euros.

The views from the wall were filled with unheard of stellar blue horizons and neatly arranged orange clay roofs. Each tower of the wall, which there are a total of over 80, is several meters wide and has a staircase to climb for additional views of the exterior sections of the wall. From this angle you can really tell that an immense amount of work went in to forming even circular tower bases all around the city.

After taking loads of photos I headed through the city to check out the Catedral de Ávila, or the Ávila Cathedral. The entrance ticket isn’t very much but the interior is just beautiful! All sorts of stained glass windows, statues, and even a large room filled with ancient super big books. 

From there I walked to the Puerta de Santa Teresa, or the Santa Teresa Gate entrance, to scope out a place to eat lunch in the lovely Parque del Rastro, or Rastro Park. Being perched on a hillside, there are lots of great benches to sit down and have a bite. Then I walked along the sides of the wall until I reached another entrance to the city, Puerta del Alcázar which has two towers and an actual medieval wooden gate that drops like you see in the movies. 

Right next to this entrance there is a very busy little square called Plaza de Santa Teresa de Jesús. Here I chose to get a nice puffy croissant as an afternoon snack and sit in the sun reading the local newspaper. I needed to catch my train around 4:30 p.m., so after that I decided to walk back towards the train station, a nearly 30 minute walk. Wrapping up my picture perfect day in Ávila I decided to take the long way back to the station and explore so streets surrounding it. There is always so much to see if you just allow yourself to take it in!


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Ávila is a picturesque Spanish city filled with a rich history and wondrous views from its' medieval walls. If you find yourself in Madrid, I'd suggest taking a day trip to visit this gem! 

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