European Voyages

Italy: ‘Dolce Far Niente’ 

July 2022 —  Where to begin.… from the nearly 2000 year old Colosseum to the mystique of the Vatican to almost every street corner there is something historical about Italy. It is like taking a journey back through the centuries only modernity has been built up around the origins of human society. Due to Covid-19, …

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Bruselas, Bélgica: Ohh Sweet chocolate!

March 2020 — Although it was a short one, twas very sweet!! My sole goal in going to Brussels, Belgium was to sample lots and lots of chocolate!!! Belgian chocolate is world renowned and I wanted to gorge myself to get a first hand experience of its deliciousness!!  After spending the two days prior in the …

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‘Obrigada’ Oporto, Portugal

April 2018 — “Thank you Porto, Portugal,” for enlightening me with the Portuguese way of life and to the many diverse splendours of the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal is the next door neighbour to Spain in terms of geographical location, and as such the two European countries have had an immense intertwined history. As close as they …

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