Bridge Your Gaps And Discover Yourself Through Traveling

February 2021 – 

Aqueduct — the Roman word for a constructed channel that bridges the gap between two things, can be thought of in a dual sense. Think of the arches as the traits, lessons, and skills picked up along the way on your journey that dictate who you are. The more you travel, the more you can channel what makes you, YOU, and thus you can quite literally ‘construct yourself.’ By connecting the arches you have formed together, you are allowing the water to flow above which can be equivocated to the formation of oneself.

You may be thinking this is all well and great, but how exactly does one channel thyself? I mean, we can’t just flick our wands, and whisper ‘Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo‘ to make that bridge?!

What we can do though, is consider who we think we are, what defines us, and ultimately, who we want to be. By putting all three together like an equation, we can arrive at the first layer of the aqueduct, the base layer. Factoring in who we want to be will facilitate an understanding of what we want and need to get out of travel. What satisfaction or sense of self-development will we get, and in what areas?

For example, if I consider who I think I am, I immediately feel like I am missing something, a something that leaves me with a constant sense of longing and inquiry. This feeling used to linger with no apparent solution, and I did not know how to fulfil it. It was not until I returned from Nicaragua, my first trip abroad in 2017, that I realized the immense perception I had gained in more ways than one.

The traits that I feel define me are maintaining a fierce determination to succeed; being outgoing, savvy, creative, explorative; and above all, eager to grow and transform into the best possible person that I can be. When these traits are coupled with who I think I am, I form the next layer of my aqueduct with each connection forming another archway.

When I consider who I want to be, it is only foreseeable through the means of traveling. The lessons and skills learned from self-exploration are unique to each individual, but similar in that they almost certainly enable self growth and discovery. I have changed more in the last 4 years since I started taking stock in the world and its’ offerings, then I have in the rest of my life prior. The more you free yourself, treat each voyage as an open book, and go forward with an inquisitive mind, the more you will bridge your gaps and discover your true YOU.

So let me be your inspiration, and go out there and build your aqueduct!

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