Barcelona con Em

February 2018 —

Shortly after meeting my new best friend Emily, aka Em, she asked me if I would accompany her to Barcelona for a three day weekend, and of course I said yes! Only just a few short weeks after arriving on Madrid we struck off for the Madrid Barajas Airport to head to Barcelona. I was soo excited to start exploring the world with my new partner in crime! When we arrived I recall it being almost nightfall, and we needed to catch a bus to get to the hostel from the airport. Given that neither of us were too prepared, we didn’t really have a firm idea of where we were going, and as such we ended up sprinting to catch our bus. By the way, they primarily speak Catalan in the region of Catalonia, so this played a factor in our map reading capabilities. We no sooner got on the bus when we realized it was dinner time. Suddenly, we were ravished with hunger, and out of nowhere I remember that Em pulled a loaf of bread out of her backpack!! We gobbled it down in such a manner that I am sure the other passengers were disgusted, but ohh well, we were hungry!

When we finally walked through our hostels doors it was probably around 8 p.m.. We had chosen to stay at the Barcelona Urbany Hostel which had great prices and reviews. Reminiscing, this was definitely one of the coolest hostels we stayed at! It was massive, had a great location with views of the ocean, a full sized kitchen, a restuarant/bar, and a fantastic outdoor terrace! Barcelona is considered one of the top places to visit in Spain, among the island of Ibiza, Madrid, and Seville, yet it is seemingly like another world.


Our Itinerary

The next morning we woke up early, grabbed a quick croissant and coffee for breakfast, and scurried out onto the streets to begin our glorious day as young independent female travellers! One of Em’s lifelong dreams was to visit La Sagrada Família Cathedral designed by Spanish artist Antonio Gaudí, so naturally we were both psyched! The building has been in construction for over 130 years, but is approaching completion day by day. Inside it seems as if each and every cranny is in itself a masterpiece, and at every angle the truly magnificent stained glass windows give one a new perspective! The rays of light that pass throughout the building make it seem as though one is standing inside a rainbow diamond. To say that this is an intricate and perfectly detailed work of art doesn’t do its real beauty and joy justice. I would say it is almost a requisite to visit this cathedral when you visit Barcelona as it will leave you speechless when you enter.

Afterwards, we felt it was only right to walk to the beach and take in the sea air. Since it was February, we couldn’t really justify freezing our tail feathers off to go in for a swim, but we got our toes wet anyways! Some of the best beaches in Barcelona include Platja de la Mar Bella and Playa de Bogatell. And FYI, if you didn’t already know, a lot of beaches in Spain are considered ‘nude beaches’ or rather nudity is accepted and normal. So let me tell you I was quite surprised and taken back when a very naked man waded out of the water a few meters away basking in all his manly glory! Aside from the cold water, you wouldn’t of had a clue that it was the last week in February by the way that warm Spanish sun gleamed over the Mediterranean Sea. Wandering around on the streets there is no view that disappoints! I felt like I was in a movie because a lot of the coastal street areas of Barcelona look very similar to those of Los Angles, California.

Next on our list was to scour the streets for hidden gems and rad street art. Our afternoon led us to scope out where some of the best nightlife occurs in the city because what trip to Barcelona would be complete without a girls night fiesta?! We scouted out the most popular beach clubs and returned to eat a nice homemade dinner for two at the hostel. Later that night we had a blast skipping the line with our good looks and dancing the night away next to the moonlit ocean waves.

On our last day we secured our things at the hostel after checking out, and headed up a fairly tall hill to the Parque Güell, also designed by Spanish artist Antonio Gaudí. This is certainly not your standard park with its handcrafted mosaic tile walls and intricately weaved mosaic buildings and pathways. To be honest, this is a must see if you visit Barcelona due to the magnitude of Gaudí’s eclectic artwork and ornate structuring of sculptures, nature, and customised mosaic buildings. Since Gaudí is considered an artistic genius in Spain, there is also a museum about his great feats that accompanies the park. Photo taking is probably the most popular thing to do when admiring the breathtaking views the parks hilltop location offers of the city and nearby Mediterranean Sea.


A fun fact is that Gaudí designed many of the tourist hotspots in Barcelona, and across Spain. 


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Overall, I don’t think that Em and I had anything negative to say about Barcelona. We felt safe the entire time we were exploring and I think the city offers something for everyone! I will add though that I got pushed and shoved around when trying to get on and off the metro multiple times, so perhaps be a bit weary and extra careful when using the Barcelona Metro system. If you are planning a visit to Spain, be sure to take a good look at all the terrific sights and beaches the city of Barcelona has to offer!!

To the left, a view of the strange but useful tower that aided us in finding our way home when we lost our way. Additionally, it lights up at night with all sorts of colourful patterns.

El Parque Guëll is an awe inspiring and eccentric place. It is filled with the most unimaginable patterns and gorgeous mosaic tile work that will blow you away with creativity! 

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